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Your coach, Gerard Plunkett is an award winning stage and screen actor with over 40 years experience and hundreds of credits to his name. He has worked in almost every aspect of the business, including directing, writing and producing. Gerard is proud of the reputation that Reel Actors Coaching has gained over the years - as a place where actors can thrive and make the most of their talents. Every day, we gladly welcome creative and passionate actors from around the world.

Reel Actors Coaching is an ideal solution for actors wishing to work one on one with a highly experienced professional coach who understands the demands of stage and screen performance.



What they say...

“Gerard’s years of experience and deep understanding of the craft make him a wealth of knowledge and valuable resource to any actor wanting to grow and sharpen their tools”. Candice Elzinga - Casting Agent

"In addition to his skills as an actor, Gerard has a firm grasp of the business side of the profession, which is a strong asset to his qualifications as a coach. I have absolutely no doubt that he would be an exceptional acting instructor, passing his expertise and experience on to aspiring performers." Lynne Carrow (casting Agent)

"My buddy Gerard has been knocking it out of the park, on stage, on screen, and in the audition room, for the over-thirty years that I’ve known him. It’s about time he shared his knowledge with the rest of us! Believe me, you’ll only shine brighter with Gerard Plunkett’s passionate advice". Eric McCormack - Actor

"Gerard is a true professional and as master of his craft. He has a vast knowledge of the industry and the creative process. I would highly recommend him as a coach. His knowledge, experience, dedication and passion would be so beneficial in helping others excel and grow in this industry." Jackie Lind (casting Agent)


  • Auditions for Stage or Screen-  We'll help ace your next audition. 

  • Theatre school audition - Let us help you shine.

  • Public Speaking - Got an important presentation to make? We will help you feel more confident and at ease.


With over forty years of acting credits, awards and nominations to his name, Gerard brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to his coaching approach. 
He understands, the sometimes, intense demands of the set, and the doubts and fears that can so easily stymie an actor's performance.
For rates and availability please call with your project details.


What to do next?  A career in acting can be challenging at times. As the old saying goes "actors are never busier than when they're out of work".  Whether you're overworked or out of work, things can be stressful. Gerard is happy to help you see the forest for the trees when you need an objective eye.



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